Want living history at your event?

Children and Family Presentations - Mary Read has dealt with some of the most ruthless pirates and military officers on the seven seas! So, a room full of kids, no matter how big, is no problem.

From school assemblies to smaller entertainment venues, I offer a variety of presentations on topics such as my career as a pirate and living aboard a ship. And I don't just talk. That can get boring! Instead I get the audience involved with a lot of interactive moments

Whether you just need one presentation for a select crowd, or would like to have a variety of different presentations for a festival or weekend, let me know and we will work out a performance or schedule of events that fits the needs of your audience, theme and educational goals.

Mary's Life Story - Hear a first-hand telling of Mary's story including tales of fighting on a British Man of War and in the fields at Flanders.

I'll brag about riding the high seas as a pirate, the places I visited such as Port Royal, Jamaica and Green Turtle Cay in the Abacos, and the people I've met. I can even show off artifacts from those locales! And you may catch me reflecting on moments of tenderness in my life as well as tearful moments of love lost.

Afterwards, audience members are welcome to ask questions to answer any of their curiousities about my life.

Trial of Anne & Mary - Mary's end was not a pleasant one. She died of a fever in a dank jail cell in Port Royal, Jamaica, after being found guilty of committing the acts of piracy aboard Calico Jack Rackham's ship.

Aided by a cast of seven, I can recreate the trial of Anne Bonney and Mary Read and show the hard hand of justice as it was brought down on pirates toward the end of the Golden Age of Piracy. And for once in my life, see how I used being a woman to my benefit, with a defense only a woman could use to escape the noose.

Roving Character - Do you want historical characters to bring your event to life?

I will don my hat, axe and be ready to interact with your guests and chat about life portraying a man and the good (and bad) parts of being a pirate or anything else that comes up..

I also have a lot of friends from pirates to soldiers that would love to come along and meet your attendees and tell thier stories. Bring on the cameras and the questions!

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