Mary Read

Mary Read took being a woman in a man's world to a whole new level.

She lived her life in the clothes and careers of men, including going down in history as a pirate who sailed under the flag of Calico Jack Rackham. She was known as a cutthroat by friends and referred to as a 'Hellcat' by men who came against her in battle.

Her journey began in England. Raised as a boy, as a way for her mother to secure her financial situation, Mary soon learned the power of being a man and used it to her advantage, choosing to continue to pretend she was a male throughout most of her life.

A bout with the Navy and as a foot soldier the the calvary marked her military career. She fell in love, got married, suffered deep tragedies, and triumphed as a pirate until captured off the Jamaican coast.

Want to know more? Then invite Mary to come tell you stories of her life and what it was like to be at sea and as a pirate in the Golden Age.



Michelle Murillo

So who is this woman who has decided to don men's clothing and take on the curious life of Mary Read?

Michelle Murillo is a Central Florida performer who first took on the character when a festival was in need of a Mary. But the more she studied Mary's life, the more she became enthralled with this historical figure.

Since that first 'fill-in' portrayal she has spent years studying Mary, fascinated by both the inner and outer strength she had to take on the life of a man in the early 1700s. She has also walked in Mary's footsteps down the brick streets of Port Royal, Jamaica and looked from her hideout in Green Turtle Cay in the Abacos.

She has also expanded her horizons, to play other characters from the time period and to learn and demonstrate historical arts such as weaving and the making of sugar from cane.

In her real life? She's a radio news anchor. She is also a voice talent, writer, torch singer and woman who thinks the key to life is enjoying new experiences.

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