Captain Scarlet Jai

Watch out for this one! Captain Scarlett Jai may look sweet enough, but trust me, she is a force to be recokoned with! We're not sure which is quicker, her tongue or her sword, but both can cut you to the quick before you know what hit you!


What's that sound? The crack of a whip? Captain Leatherback is about! Leatherback is capable of keeping most of the crew in line with a single crack, but if thats not enough, he'll be happy to come to blades with any who choose to defy him.

Captain William (aka Crazy William)

What can we say about Captain William? He's always a sight, and most often a welcome one! His laugh is infectious and his manner a bit flashy, but between jokes and jests he has a mind of fantastic stories to tell, especially of the early days of St Augustine, one of his regular haunts.


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