Here comes a bundle of energy and fun! As hyper as a dozen 4-year-olds on too much sugar, and often about as mature, he will keep the room buzzing. But don't let his child-like demeanor fool you. Caught in a pinch, he also is an able swordsman.

Leftenant Johnson

Leading troops into battle is a tough job, but someone has to do it.That someone is Leftenant Johnson. Wheter it's manning a cannon, small arms fire or picking up a pike, he can train and muster troops and energize them for battle.


Momma Melissa

Emeril has nothing on Momma Melissa when it comes to creating fine cuisine for a hoarde of hungry pirates, soldiers or townfolk. With a fire and a pot she can whip up delictible culinary creations that have beaten chefs in competition(who were using a full restarutant kitchen)! She makes learning mighty tasty!

The Spanish Lady (aka British Lady)

Which is it? Is she Spanish or British? Depends on what best suits her station at the time. This is one of my alter ego characters who often offers color commentary during battle to help the audience understand what's happening. She also is in charge of the weaving and sugar making and is a fun roving character.


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