So what types of honest folk and scallywags does Mary Read call her friends? Here are a few of the folks I regularly travel with. Conveniently, they're all available for your next event too!


Anne Bonney

Mary's cohort in crime, Anne Bonney is the other pirate lass who was given the 'hellcat' designation by those she fought. She, too, sailed aboard Calico Jack's ship and was the captain's mistress as well as one of his prize fighters.


Sam Bellamy (aka Dutch)

Known as the "Prince of Pirates", Bellamy was an English pirate who sailed of the Eastern US Coast in the 18th century and was known for his kindness to captives. His alter ego, Dutch, loves to share his smarts about weapons and all things nautical.


Grace O'Malley

While she may look sweet enough, behind that lovely smile is a cutthroat. She didn't get the nickname "Ireland's Pirate Queen" for nothing! Grace was a powerhouse of a pirate whose personality is a fiery as her red Irish locks.




No one can rally the masses quite like Sheila! This energetic wench has a knack for rangling a crew, no matter how big, and making sure everyone is involved in the fun! Her contageous smile also hides a bit of a prankster side that is bound to have your guests giggling with delight.




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